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thumb QBULZ Class Set

Creativity in your hand!
From science to art to language - the class set of 27 QBULZ with case, make learning the interconnecton between concepts or classes fun and engaging.

$24.99 Free shipping to continental USA
thumb QBULZ Educator Pack

This is the perfect educator tool kit - a full 27 QBULZ classroom set with sturdy plastic case plus the educator manual full of how-to guides, lesson ideas and so much more!

Regularly $45.99
SPECIAL $37.99 Free shipping to continental USA
thumb stuckie dots

Make your ideas stick!
Sticks to virtual any surface allowing you to hang pictures, posters or documents without leaving a oily mary, pinholes and tape marks.

thumb idoodlegenerator

idoodlegenerator equips teachers with a flexible and adaptable online tool to allow for creative, novel and imaginative ways to deliver content and instruction.

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